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Mood Ring Colors

If huge earrings were the big trend back in 80s, for the 70s it was the mood ring. Almost every girl wears them, from kids to adults. And who wouldn’t want to? Its inexpensive, versatile, and pretty. No wonder a lot of women keep them in their jewelry box. But aside from it being a popular accessory, there’s something about mood ring colors that makes it fun to wear.

How It Works

mood ring colors meaningsMood rings are known to show the emotional state of the person who’s wearing it. How does this happen? Well, it contains liquid crystals with thermochromic property that dictates the mood ring colors. This component reacts to any change in temperature of the body, so it changes color as the degrees increase or decrease. It can detect your emotions or feelings since the total amount of blood that goes through your fingers also depends on your current mood, whether you’re happy or sad, relaxed or tensed. So there’s actually scientific basis behind this. The mood ring colors also vary depending on a person’s mood.

The Basic Colors

Let’s start from the basic mood ring colors meaning, which are black, white and gray. What does it mean when it turns into these mood ring colors? For black, it means that you’re expelling negative energy due to stress, pressure or tensions. You may be overworked and feel very harassed.

Gray means you feel anxious or nervous. This color is also related to feeling scared and worried.

As for the color white, this may mean that you’re tired or upset which is the opposite of what white usually stands for like calmness and purity. This can also indicate boredom. However, the feelings may not all be negative, it may also mean that you’re absorbed in your own thoughts so you’re ruminating or contemplating.

The Girly Hues

When you see mood rings turn into the purple color, this means that you’re feeling sensual. At the same time, this many say that you’re turning to your spiritual side. If it shows different shades of purple, then these mood ring colors may also mean that you’re stuck thinking about some haunting memories.

Pink, which is considered a very girly and lovely color means that you’re fascinated with something. You may probably be mesmerized with someone or a certain obsession. However, if it shows different shades of pink, it may mean something is making you impatient.

The color violet is a sign that you’re in a good mood. This indicates happiness or a feeling of passion. Those who are in this state feel very much loved and cared for. Some may say that you’re in a romantic state if you see the color violet on your mood ring. So all these girly mood ring colors have different meanings.

Summer Tints

mood ring colors meanings chartOne of the many mood ring colors is bright orange. This signifies that you’re feeling really excited about something. You’re looking forward to something so it keeps you stimulated. On the other hand, this may also mean that you’re getting more intolerant.

While yellow may usually mean warmth and happiness, when it comes to mood ring colors, this equates to some level of stress. You may have mixed emotions inside you, since you you’re not feeling entirely calm or tensed.

The color green is frequently associated with nature that gives us a relaxing feeling. In mood rings, it also conveys the same meaning since it shows that one is free from stress and on a state of ease.

With the range of mood colors, there can be more interpretations of other hues. These are just some examples that may help you ponder on your current emotions every time the ring changes its shade. At the end of the day, you’re still the only one who knows what color truly represents you.

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