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Mood Ring Color Meanings

mood ring color meanings chartA mood ring is a piece of jewelry that is sure to be a conversation piece. It is fascinating to see the liquid crystals in the ring slowly change in color from blue to green to yellow, reflecting your emotional state. But what feelings are represented by the different colors? When you purchase a mood ring, or other piece of mood jewelry such as a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, you’ll probably be given a chart that tells you what its various colors mean. There are some variations in mood ring color meanings but below are some of the typical ones.

Colors that Express Tension

You can probably guess that black indicates tension or nervousness. If your mood ring turns black while you’re at the office, you can probably use it to prove to your boss that you’re overworked. Gray also shows nervousness and anxiety. Brown is an indicator of mild tension or puzzlement. Amber or gold also suggests tension, a feeling of being unsettled or having mixed emotions. This color suggests an unpredictable mood, but is not necessarily negative since it could also show hopefulness.

Colors Reflecting Positive Moods

Green is the median range. It suggests that you are charged with energy but not to the point of being under stress. You may even be feeling cheerful or amused. Blue green is more relaxed than green, and blue means you are absolutely calm, relaxed, and pleasant. In mood rings, being in a blue mood means you are tranquil and lovable.

Dark blue or indigo is an indication that you are extremely happy. Perhaps even in love! This deep, intense color is suggestive of romantic or passionate feelings.

Unusual Hues

mood ring color meanings listThe colors given above are the usual ones for mood jewelry. On occasion, you might see some other hues. White is an indicator of confusion, frustration, or boredom. Bronze suggests a feeling of restlessness or anticipation. A pinkish shade expresses apprehension or uncertainty. Yellow shows that your thoughts are wandering; it might also mean that you are in a creative mood, or maybe you are simply in a good mood.  Then there is orange, which shows you have stimulating thoughts or are feeling daring. Red suggests a feeling of being energized and adventurous. Violet shows passion, clarity of purpose, or sensual feelings.

As you can see, mood ring color meanings often differ greatly from our usual color associations, which is why an interpretation chart is needed. The liquid crystals in the mood ring are affected by the heat of the body and the temperature in our bodies is in turn affected by our moods. You’ve probably noticed how cold your hands tend to get when you’re feeling nervous. When we are tense, blood tends to rush to our internal organs, away from our hands and upper extremities. So there is some scientific basis for mood ring color meanings. Whether you believe it is accurate or not, though, a mood ring is definitely a fun and interesting piece of jewelry to have.

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