All You Want To Know About An Opal Ring

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opal ring value

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An opal ring is a kind of jewelry made of a precious stone called opal. This precious gem was formed from silica, which is a mineraloid. The content of this gem is between 6-10% while the weight of the water is at 3-21%. It is the national gemstone of Australia, which is also known to be the number one supplier. The color of an opal ranges from clear to  white, red, green, magenta, pink, olive, black, gray, yellow, blue, rose, slate and brown. The most common shade of opal is white and green, while red and black is the rarest.

How Precious Is An Opal Ring?

Generally, an opal increases in value if it’s always kept in good condition, and when combined with other gemstones. It is also considered very special for people born in the month of October. Though an ordinary opal ring is not as valuable as an opal ring with diamonds, it can still be expensive if you go for the high grade like an opal ring white gold. Moreover, an opal with the shade of red or black is considered to be of top quality. In connection, an opal ring value can be at its highest if given the right maintenance.

How To Identify Fake Opal?

Since an opal ring value can increase, it is important to learn how to determine a fake opal. Imitations are everywhere, so extra care is needed to avoid being deceived. To determine a fake opal, make sure to observe the following:

  • The origin of the gem is important. To get a genuine opal ring value, make sure to know the country of origin. Australia is the number 1 producer of opal while it’s allegedly said that fake gemstones come from Hong Kong and Russia.
  • Opal is a natural stone, so the polishing and cutting may not be totally symmetrical. If you were given an opal that has a perfect shape, you may need to consult your jeweler first.
  • To get the real opal ring value, inspect it using a white light except a fluorescent light. If you notice multiple layers of colours, it means that the stone is genuine. Otherwise, it is fake.
  • Price is also an indication of your opal ring value. A small opal stone can cost as much as $100. If you are offered with a lower price, they allegedly said that it’s not genuine.
  • If you are into a buy-and-sell business, make sure to hire a jeweler, who can distinguish the real opal ring value.  However, you should also be willing to learn the basics in assessing an opal stone. Knowing how to appraise the opal ring value will be a great advantage.

After several years, an opal ring value will definitely increase as long as it is handled with care, cleaned and stored properly. Though it may not be as precious as other gems, it still possesses a certain beauty that gem enthusiasts can appreciate. An opal ring value is not cheap at all.

Opal Ring With White Gold

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If you are fond of jewelry, you may love an opal ring with white gold. As mentioned earlier, opal can be combined with other gems. If you prefer white gold than yellow gold, it would be nice to own an opal ring with white gold. Here, the ring will use 14K white gold, and an oval shaped opal. The colour of the opal largely depends on the preference of the user. An opal ring with white gold can use different shades of opal such as red, black, magenta, yellow, rose, olive, black and many more. The most important is to choose the one that looks best on you.

Opal Ring With Diamonds As A Woman’s Best Friend

Another way to increase the opal ring value is by combining it with another precious stone like diamonds. An opal ring with diamonds can be the best gift you can ever receive. Women would love to have an opal ring with diamonds because of the following reasons:

  • The ring makes use of two precious stones namely diamond and opal. In this case, it will surely surpass an opal ring  with white gold. An opal ring with diamonds can be combined with white or yellow gold.
  • Knowing that an opal ring with diamonds is made of expensive stone, it already signifies value. The idea of combining opal with diamond makes the value even higher.
  • Diamond is known as a woman’s best friend, so owning an opal ring with diamonds is priceless.
  • Diamond symbolizes preciousness, while opal is for beauty. When these two are put together, it makes a precious opal ring with diamonds.
  • An opal ring with diamonds is perfect for white or yellow gold. It is flexible enough, so you are free to experiment on what type of gold looks best.

How To Care For Your Opal Ring?

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Any piece of jewelry should be maintained and handled with care. Whether you have an opal ring with diamonds, or an opal ring with white gold you should be responsible in keeping it in good condition at all time.

In general, an opal ring is fragile and prone to damage. Lack of proper care can lead to cracks, scratch and chips. In order to keep its beauty for years, here are some practical tips on how to clean your opal ring.

  • If you are not wearing your opal ring, the best way to store it is to put it in a plastic bag. However, before putting it inside the bag, make sure to include a clean damp cloth that is folded into a small square. The damp cloth will prevent the opal from drying.
  • When wearing an opal ring, make sure to avoid knocks and bumps. This gem can get scratches and chips easily because it is relatively soft. Avoid using a dry cloth in wiping an opal because it can reduce the polish of the gem.
  • During extreme cold, wear gloves to protect an opal ring from the extreme temperature. While an opal can withstand low or high temperatures, it can crack due to fluctuations in the temperature.
  • To polish an opal ring, put dishwashing detergent in a clean damp cloth. Then, wipe the opal ring with the cloth and rinse it with water. Make sure to dry the ring after polishing it.
  • Never attempt to soak an opal ring in soapy water because it absorbs liquid and chemicals.

Most women love to wear and collect jeweleries. However, not all gems are discovered and appreciated. The next time you decide on buying jewelry, make sure to look for an opal ring. Moreover, you have the option to go for an opal ring with diamonds, or an opal ring with white gold.

Bow Ring

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A bow ring is essentially a ring with a bow on top. If you’ve been looking for a nice little accessory to make you look girly, a bow ring is what you need. Like many other rings, there are different kinds of bow rings so you have different options available to you, ensuring that you get the best one out there. Feel free to get more than one bow ring though if you can’t get over how cute these rings are.

Getting A Bow Ring

Like any other ring, the most important consideration you have to take note of when getting bow rings is to get one that fits. After all, it’s hard to pull off wearing a ring that doesn’t fit. A ring that keeps falling off or one that cuts off circulation to your finger will simply never look good no matter how you look at it. There should be different ring sizes available anyway. Try the rings out before buying so you also know how they will look on your hands. If you can’t fit the ring before buying, such as when you’re making a purchase online, do at least look for a photo of the ring being worn by someone so you’ll have an idea as to what the ring looks like when worn. Sometimes, there are bow rings that look ordinary on a shelf but end up looking more stunning when worn so you have to cover your bases. Aside from different kinds of bows, bow rings will also feature different kinds of materials so be mindful of what you will be wearing, most especially if you are sensitive or allergic to certain metals. Generally, plastic or acrylic bow rings are the safest to wear because they won’t cause any irritations on your finger. A lot of people also prefer them because these bow rings usually are the ones in the brightest and prettiest colors and designs around, due probably to the fact that plastics are very easy to work with. However, plastic or acrylic bow rings are not the most long-wearing so you might not be able to expect years out of buying one.

Where To Buy

Buying a bow ring is easy because it is a ring design that is pretty popular. You can most easily get one just by heading to your local mall or you can also visit accessories shops that may be located near you. If you can’t find a bow ring that suits your tastes from local stores, you can also take your search online. There are tons of online stores offering accessories so there are a lot of options available to you on the internet as well. Just go over as many options as you can so you have a clearer idea of what choices are available to you, letting you pick out the best bow ring for you. Of course, you are more than free to get as many bow rings as you want, in whatever size, shape, color, and design that would suit your tastes.